- Yama Momiji-

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I was watching a Japanese Bonsai Master on You Tube sculpt magnificent old maple trees.  He spoke of the mountain maples and their fall color and explained the name used for both is Yama Momiji.  His work in that class was my inspiration for this magnificent tree.

Yama Momiji is a magnificent specimen with a massive presence.  Fall colors of green, amber, copper, yellow and brown are all displayed in her canopy which contrast strikingly against her dark antique brass trunk and branches.  Mounted on a uniquely shaped piece of mopani wood this tree brings thoughts of the crisp air and brilliant colors of fall in the mountains.  This stately piece has a sizeable presence for any collector.

You can learn more about the making of this tree on my website blog.

This sturdy piece displays well anywhere.

15”W x 13”D x 22”H
Non tarnish copper, amber, brass, gold, peridot, and antique brass  - with a touch of tarnish-able brass wire. 
Mounted on driftwood