Spring Fever

Our winter here in South Carolina has been a real gift. It is only April 2nd and our daffodils have finished blooming and the tropical plants on our lanai are starting to show vigorous growth. Is it any wonder I haven't spent my days indoors tied to a computer or camera? Of course this means I'm late with updating the store and showing you my latest wire tree creations. (SORRY) Yes, lovely weather or not, my fingers insist on forming wire into trees. Luckily, I can move my work surface outdoors -- have my cake and eat it too.

Unfortunately, every art form has number of mundane tasks attached. These are the tasks that cause me to procrastinate; but, today I didn't create or play the day away, I worked. I took photos of my newest trees, made a video, set up size comparison photos for the store (I'll be posting all in the near future), and I even took some photos of my next trees in its creative sapling stage

- a real beauty that will have bi-colored bark and four shades of leaves, including a lovely soft green.

I've also started this Blog, so that, in the future, you will be able to follow my creations from wire choice to mounting.

It's Spring in the South -- a time for new beginnings. Stay tuned...

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