Mary Romano



Give the gift of Art. 

Wire Trees make the perfect gift. 

All the beauty of Bonsai without the worry of water and sun.

ErainnTree Studio -- What's in a name?

Why Erainn?  

   As a tribute to my father and my Irish/American Heritage.  Erainn is the ancient (old Irish) spelling for Ireland.


Why a Studio name? 

   Because after I have sculpted a tree, chosen a base and determined the position on the base.  My loving husband, Vince, mounts each tree for me.  Because in this, as in all things, I am one member of a team.

Artist Statement

"They are beautiful in their peace,
they are wise in their silence.
They will stand after we are dust.
They teach us, and we tend them."
-- Galeain ip - Altiem MacDunelmor on trees


My work strives to capture the diversity and beauty of trees.   Sculpting from wire allows interminable variations from the gentle shape of a formal bonsai to the shining glory of an aspen in fall, or the stark beauty of an oak in winter.   


The juxtiposition of a fine metal wire tree mounted on an organic driftwood base, symbolizes the struggle of trees in the modern world.  The beauty of this combination, gives hope that the trees will survive. 


Seeking to duplicate the elements of peace and tranquility imparted by trees keeps my art endlessly engaging.   By combining different metals and matching each tree to a specific base, from driftwood shapes to bonsai pots, I can depict trees of many species and shapes in every season.  Sculpting trees is a passion born in childhood that has blossomed with maturity. 


My work has been displayed in Galleries on Hilton Head Island, Port Royal and Beaufort.   I have recieved invitations to participate in major crafting events from Charleston to Bluffton.  My trees now grace homes and businesses throughout the United States of America and Canada.  With this website, I hope they will travel to countries and continents I have only studied.

2010 - present

2010 - present


Depending on the size and complexity of the tree, it was made from approximately 120’ to 1600’ of fine gauge wire cut into strands that have been twisted and/or wrapped with wire, and curled into this lovely Bonsai form.   A wire tip that ends in the canopy began in the roots.  The tree is then mounted onto a base that was specifically chosen to enhance and showcase its form.   A tree can take anywhere from 10 hours to 3 months to complete.

Display this tree indoors.  Outdoor displays will speed oxidation.

Clean your Tree regularly with a blower or hairdryer.  Never use water or caustic cleaners on your tree.